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Wedding Catering : Menu based on Seasonal Changes

Curating a wedding menu is generally based on the requirements of the client and dictates of each community's tradition and food culture However in marriage catering there are a few factors that influence the presence of certain dishes based on seasonal fruits and availability factors Coming up with innovations in existing dishes is an interesting part of wedding catering. Kesari is quite a common sweet dish generally liked by all. Somewhere along the way Pineapple was incorporated into it and Pineapple Kesari was a big hit. Summer months bring in a lot of Jack fruit and Mangoes. So sweet dishes based on these fruits give a beautiful variety to the menu, making the gourmet experience special. At Haritham as part of wedding catering we have a lot of Jack fruit based dishes like Chakka Pradhaman ( Payasam), Elai Adai ( sweet with jaggery), Jack fruit halwa, Jack fruit Kesari, which is a great hit with our clients. Cocoa Jack is another dish that is loved by all. We also have jack fruit chips on the savoury side.

Dishes that can be made with raw and ripe mangoes are endless. Mango Milkshakes, Mango Juice, Aam Ras, Mango Sweet Pachidi, Mango Mousse, Aam Panna, Manga Rice, Mango Kuzhambus, endless varieties of pickles and desserts....... Likewise seasonal fruits facilitate the addition of menus based on them in the wedding menu.

Summer months see us - wedding caterers - concocting amazing new fruit mocktails - Chilly Guava juice, Fruity pineapple, watermelon mint cooler, musk melon paanagam etc this is the time when guests look forward to chilled drinks apart from the coffee / tea that have a permanent presence at any event

Likewise the cold months give marriage caterers like us an opportunity to try out soup varieties like The Bonda Soup, murungai keerai Soup and so on.

Gone are the days when the wedding menus were predictable. Along with traditional dishes guests also look forward to innovative dishes for a change to the palette. But change or experimentation should be made with great care. Every wedding guest needs to carry back a wholesome and extremely satisfying dining experience. #weddingcatering #bestweddingcaterersinchennai #wedding #marriagecaterers #kalyanasapadu #cateringservices #menu #juices #seasonal #fruits #vegetables #indiansweets #mocktails #desserts #mango #jackfruit #coffee #tea #beverages #soups

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