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Indian Cuisine is unmatched when it comes to the varieties of flavors and cooking methods that it offers. We have a mind boggling array in terms of sweets, savories, main dishes and desserts. 

We offer here a collection from which you can customise and build your own menu for each occasion

At Haritham we have four talented Master Chefs who specialise in specific cuisines with mastery over dishes that make them authentic and delectable. 

The menu for any event is curated keeping in mind the:
  1. Type of Event
  2. Requirement of the client 
  3. Type of guests & their preferences 
  4. Facilities available at the Venue

The given list of items in the menu, which has both South Indian and North Indian delicacies, may not be exhaustive and we are free to take your options and deliver authentic dishes and this apart from the delicious and popular Seer Bakshanams we make
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