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Wedding Vows: We associate with the most knowledgeable Vadyars /Purohits

A very important or the most important aspect of any wedding is the process of solemnising the wedding. In an Wedding, right from the initial rituals to the final wedding vows every detail of wedding tradition is performed and taken forward by learned Vadyar / Purohit / Pundit.

Indian weddings are complex for the variety of rituals and family traditions followed by people of various regions and communities. There is no common set of rituals – except for the Agni / Havan – and every wedding is thus unique because of these differences

The word of the Vadyar or Purohit is final and no one dares to do anything that is not approved by them. So, for every family there is a family Vadyar or purohit who is not only proficient in the Vedic traditions but also in the traditions followed by each family down the centuries.

At Haritham as Wedding Planners & Wedding Caterers we work with the most knowledgeable and experienced set of Vadyars who are experts in performing the various wedding rituals and traditions.

As Wedding Planners we have experts across all communities. Even in the Brahmin community there are vast differences in wedding rituals where Iyers and Iyengars are concerned. In Iyengars you have the Vada Kalai and Then Kalai. We have very well read Vadyars for each sect

Then we have the Mudaliars, Chettiars, Saiva Pillai, Naidu, Thevar communities to name a few in Tamil Nadu. We also have learned stalwarts from across states to conduct Telugu, Madhwa, Maharashtrian, Oriya, Bengali and Punjabi weddings too.

These Vadyars and Pundits are also well equipped to explain the mantras chanted and the importance of the rituals to the wedding couple and guests gathered around.

Once the client let us know on their requirement and if they request us for a Vadyar or Pundit (in the absence of their own) we arrange for a meeting to discuss in detail the wedding proceedings and to establish comfort levels so that the client is fine with our suggestion of the Vadyar.

In the past whenever the clients have availed the services of our empanelled Vadyars they have been extremely happy to the extent that they carry on their association beyond the wedding.

Professional Vadyars / Purohits recommended by us are extremely well versed, knowledgeable and understand their responsibility and perform their duties in full earnestness.

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