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Seer Bakshanam

Seer Bakshanam ( Sweets & Savouries) are a very important and integral part of any South Indian Wedding. It refers to the sweets and savouries given by the Bride's family to the Groom's family in varied numbers as per custom. 

Some of the popular items usually given are - Ladoo, Mysorepak, Adirasam, Maa Laadoo, Jangiri, Badhusha, Nukkal, Kai Murukku, Mullu Murukku, Special Mixture, Thenkuzhal & Kara Sev

Paruppu Thenga Koodus ( a pair of sweet mould usually in Konical shape representing the Lord and His Consort )  in a variety of ingredients are also given during each occasion in the wedding

Seer Bakshanams
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Seer Bakshanam

Choice of garlands is as important as the wedding outfits in enhancing the beauty of the couple. Wedding garlands are made with a variety of flowers - rose, lily, chrysanthemum, orchids, jasmine etc - and colours to match the couple's outfits.

Sky is the limit in terms of creativity of our wedding garland makers and they give is exotic designs/ colour combinations which are viewed with awe by the guests at our weddings
Muhurtham malai.jpeg
Wedding Garland.jpeg
Wedding Garland.jpeg
Muhurtham Malai.jpg
Orchid Flower Garland.jpg
Muhurtha maalai.jpg
Jyothika Malai.jpg
Muhurtha Malai.jpg
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