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Wedding Catering: A Professional Approach Required

Wedding catering is a competitive business. Like any other profession, wedding caterers need to be extremely innovative and quality conscious, to give the best to the wedding guests.

Every wedding or an event must stand out as an example of a wedding caterer’s ability to deliver. Since wedding catering is all about affecting the five senses of an individual – one may even say the most important sense, that of taste along with the sense of smell and sight – extreme care must be taken to create the perfect impact.

Whether it is in planning the wedding menu or the manner in which the service is done the wedding caterer has to give the perfection befitting the occasion. Every guest should be made to feel special. Guests are special to the client and as the client’s representative in terms of hospitality, the wedding caterer has the responsibility to honour them and make them feel good. The entire dining experience should be wholesome and enjoyable. At Haritham Catering we ensure that this is done.

Accommodating maximum guests in a ‘Pandhi’ should not be the motive even if the dining hall capacity is small compared to the guests expected to dine. Comfort of the guest and decent spacing of the banana leaves is of paramount importance. Enough elbow space should be provided for the guests. Only then can they enjoy their food.

Similarly allocating the right number of service persons for serving food should be well planned by the wedding caterer. Efficient service and reduction in waiting time for guests is only then possible.

The wedding caterer has to review the wedding menu and ensure the service people understand the dish they are serving so that they can inform the same to the guests when the guest questions them. Great care should be taken that the dishes are placed in the right spot and in the right order on the banana leaf.

Efficient cleaning of the tables and the hall as a whole is of great importance. Spillages if any on the part of the guests has to be dealt with quickly making sure that hygiene is maintained and the next set of guests are able to sit comfortably on their turn.

In case there is a long queue of guests awaiting their turn to be seated, the wedding caterer has to be at his diplomatic best to ensure that the guests do not leave in frustration and ensure that they feel it is worth the wait. The wedding caterer should anticipate this in advance – even when planning the menu with the client – and make arrangements accordingly.

It is very important to create the perfect ambiance for the guests to ensure their dining experience is not just about the taste but the overall wedding experience. This can be done only with a professional approach and planning

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